Registrations are now Closed

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision presents the Robotic Vision Summer School (RVSS) in a hybrid format and will include online live content and physical workshops.

The summer school will be held from Monday 31 January 2022 to Friday 4 February 2022. This year RVSS adopts a unique, inclusive and COVID-19 compliant hybrid format. The core content will be delivered online and the workshop will be held in physical nodes – Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne & Sydney. International nodes in the UK & Canada may be established depending on the level of interest.

Registrations for RVSS will close Friday 14th January 2022.

The program is targeted at the level of later-year Masters and new PhD students in the Australian system. Attendees are expected at minimum to have a background in computer/electrical engineering at a level of an undergraduate degree or equivalent experience. Mature students with non-standard backgrounds are welcome. Attendees will be expected to undertake team-based computer programming tasks in the workshop activities. Later year higher degree students will still benefit from the in-depth technical talks and face-to-face meeting with world-recognised peers and are welcome to apply, however, priority will be given to early year students if numbers are tight.

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RVSS 2022 Workshop TicketInclusions$AUD
(Australian Dollars)
Attendees [QUT, Monash, Adelaide, ANU, UTS]Workshop and all online content: lectures, tutorials, and poster session$0
Attendees [All Other]Workshop and all online content: lectures, tutorials, and poster session$300
Invited Speaker/Organiser (includes invited speakers, workshop organisers and conference committee)Workshop and all online content: lectures, tutorials, and poster session$0

Non-attendance and refunds

If you are unable to attend RVSS for compassionate or legal reasons you must contact the organisers at Depending on the situation and how soon before the event, partial or full refunds may be possible.

Visa requirements

Due to COVID-19 and the travel restrictions, there is no travel requirement for RVSS2022 and therefore no visa requirement.

The organisers take no responsibility for visa application processes.