2024 Venue and Transport

RVSS 2024 will be held at the ANU Kioloa Coastal Campus, Australian National University. The campus offers accommodation and research facilities at a unique location extending from the beach front through a diverse ecology to thick bushland.

The campus is one of Australia’s premier field stations situated on the NSW south coast between the Kioloa and Bawley Point villages, easily accessible from Canberra, Sydney, and Wollongong. Kioloa is a small hamlet, with a population of about 200, located on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is pronounced by locals as ‘Ky-ola’. Click here for more about the Kioloa campus, facilities, accommodation, and travel/tourism details.

Kioloa is neighbour to some of the best beaches in Australia. For example, Batemans Bay, with its majestic seascapes and lovely beaches, is a popular holiday destination on the East coast, and is less than 50 kms from the Summer School venue. Other beaches, such as Pretty Beach, Bawley Coast, Pebbly Beach, and Termeil Beach, are just a few kilometres from the venue. Another popular beach, Jervis Bay is less than 90kms!

Transport to Venue

Bus transportation from Sydney to the Kioloa campus and return will be provided for Summer School participants. Bus travel time from Sydney is 4 hours.

The bus picks up participants from Sydney Airport and Sydney University around midday of 5 February, and will drop participants at the airport or the university in the late afternoon (around 6pm) on 10 February.

You have to organise your own travel arrangements to and from these points in Sydney. Please make sure you leave enough time to catch your flights.

Registering at Venue

Delegates will be provided with conference name tags as proof of registration. Name tags should be worn to all events.

Student Accommodation

For student attendees, accommodation at the Kioloa Coastal Campus is shared in either twin or bunk rooms. Accommodation includes a linen pack which includes a pillow, sheets, blanket and towel. Note that we are required to check out by 9am on the Saturday morning.

Industry Attendee Accommodation

If you register as Industry Attendee – No Accommodation, please contact one of the available nearby options to book your accommodation, for example:

Please make sure you also organise your transport to the summer school venue, e.g. by hiring a car.


All meals are included in the registration cost. If you have any special dietary or religious requirements, please advise us of these requirements through your registration form.


The weather on the south coast of NSW can be variable.  Please ensure that you bring adequate clothing for both hot and cool weather, a hat and sunscreen.  You may wish to attend a range of social activities, including a bushwalk and sporting activities, so please bring appropriate comfortable clothing.